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2 Tribes
16 Castaways
Welcome to the Survivor RP Central Wiki!

Survivor RP Central is a Discord roleplaying community based on the television show of the same name. Players can choose any fictional character, existing or original, in order to enter seasons of Survivor. Contestants are divided onto two or more tribes that compete in challenges against one another. Losers in challenges are sent to tribal council, where someone is voted out until only a handful remain. The remaining few then face a jury of their eliminated peers who decide which of them is most deserving of the prize, ranging from a million dollars to a reality altering wish.

Our second season has just ended, Gary Oak has joined Jiro Azuma as the second contestant to become sole survivor!

Though many thought Jiro wouldn't stand a chance in the final tribal council, the ire Ess earned over her time on Borneo was enough to turn the tides by one vote. Gary on the other hand was always a fan favorite to win, having fought his way to the end from a minority, the jury almost unanimously agreed he was deserving of the prize.

Do you have what it takes to become our next champion? The link to our third season is below!