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"Let's go over the plan one more time...I don't work for free, you'd better not mess this up. We pull up in two cars, park as anyone else would...first thing will be to get in the front door, minimal security, but we will require some distractions to handle the police, and more important the...customers. After that, someone will need to handle the shouldn't be too hard with your...unique'talents.' Pick the lock, try codes, whatever it takes get us in that vault. I'd hate to see your corpse on the floor, but it could be arranged. We get in, the bags have to go somewhere, while the safe crackers keep watch, you'll be grabbing the cash...we can sort through it later, but what will matter is getting as much as possible. Stick to big bills, we aren't risking our lives for nothing... Blow a hole in the wall, and we ride out with the drivers waiting. Any questions?"

Season Overview

The Heist was the first event to occur on the server, taking place over the course of a bank heist being planned and executed.


Cad Bane, played by Angel

Roman Torchwick, played by Nox

Harley Quinn, played by Shark

Doraleous, played by Hoshi

The Drifter, played by Sebluc

Nathanial Rose Shaw, played by Reaver